I created this style to provide others an opportunity to compose prose in a means conducive to their happiness, or at least in not formatting Chicago Papers. I built and adapted Chicago from the best parts of Academic Paper, Simple MLA, Swiss Knife, and Filmscript to create an academic, precise yet intuitive markup. Not often do both precision and intuition take precedence in Academia. Not to say that this style is the embodiment or the pinnacle of academic thought, but this could be an embodiment or a pinnacle of academic thought. Whether this style could be an embodiment or a pinnacle of academic thought, I love creating art. Through my art-creative love, I attempt to share why and how I think with others. In attempting to share this thought, I hope to provide others an opportunity to share their thoughts as well. In a means of taking an opportunity to share your thoughts with others, you could use this markup. # - Title ## - Subtitle (I necessitate a subtitle to maintain first-page symmetry. I write good for a living. Whether my writing is good, I use a subtitle. How many of you have not used a subtitle for a Chicago Paper?) ### - Name, Professor/Institution, Class/Journal (I necessitate one of each to provide you the opportunity for you to teach yourself to write your name on your paper. How many of you have forgotten...I don't need to ask that question. We both know the answer.) #### - Date ##### - Bibliography (Title. As in the word Bibliography. I could need to tell you to remember to create a bibliography, but I am not going to tell you to remember to create a bibliography. Remember that time I told you I am not going to tell you to create a bibliography? Those were good times. I wish I could re-cite those.) ###### - Citation (Huh. I wonder what that is doing there. Almost like I need a word, a collective term, to call my source list. How could I call it? Hmm. I've got one...It's called plagiarism. Yeah! Ill do that. That will earn me logic points. Oh. Wait. Maybe I could create a new word. I feel like I stole "plagiarism" from someone. That could reflect a flaw in my academic progress and ethic. I don't want that. Hey, guess what, I've got a different word. One that reflects my potential understanding and knowledge-depth in my studies. I've got it...It's...It's...(Blackout).)
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