Pro Sans
Pro Sans HTML theme features: - Fully responsive from mobile to desktop sizes - Typography — matching sans-serif, serif and monospace font families are imported from Google Fonts (you can improve performance and get proper small-caps if you download and install Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, Source Code Pro from Adobe; they are open-source) - Description styling — an `h6` following the opening `h1` will be styled as metadata in the upper right corner - Featured quotes — an opening blockquote, or following the opening `h1`, will receive special styling - Featured images — an `img` following the opening `h1` will be ordered first - Sticky footer — footnotes are always aligned to the bottom of the page, even with short content - Larger hit area for links — anchors have an increased hit area, helpful for clicking footnote numbers on touch screens - Styles for other html elements (raw source) — tables, iframes, definition lists