Prose Writer
This theme is intended to be a functional tool for editing prose (or anything, but I use it for fiction). It is set up for light and dark use, and works well on both desktop and ipad. It is setup as follows: Heading 1 is bold, useful for chapter titles and the like. I don't generally use headings below 1 for display, so the lower level headings are unmodified. Comment Block and Comment are in green. I use these for notes to myself, reminders of how I want to develop a scene, etc. "Comment" is useful for inline comments, "Comment Block" for larger, dedicated comments, such as summaries at the outset of a scene. These do not print using most export styles, so they are visibly only to you. You can generate a manuscript without them for others to read. Code Block I use for "To Do" sections. Where I have not yet written something, I use one of these (they look a bit like Post-Its) to mark the spot (e.g. "exposition re character background"). These *do* print using most exports styles, which is good, because you want the reader to know that you know that something is missing. Marked I use to mark text that is a placeholder, such as a character's name I haven't settled on yet, or a concept I've not developed. Maybe I know a character has a pet, but not what kind, I assume it is a dog for now, and I ::mark:: every reference to the dog, so I can find them and easily change them. The visual here is very subtle, since I don't want these marks to distract me. Marked text generally prints as regular text using most export styles, so readers don't have to see these. Delete is set up to crossout and fade text, useful where I cut something but I might want to use something in the cut section later, or I want to remember what I tried and rejected. Again, this does not print using most export styles. The reist of the codes I don't use, so I've set them to do nothing, or to have minimal impact.