Versatile ABNT
This style was created to comply with Brazilian ABNT format for academic papers, notably thesis (doutorado) and dissertations (mestrado) documents; at the same time, versatile enough to be used for novels, essays and other writings. This style was built entirely from scratch, trying to be as pleasant to read as possible, maintaining a good proportion between text elements, images, paragraphs, headings, etc. The code was thoroughly revised to be as organized and precise as I could manage (I'm a bit OCD). Some features: - Two sided pages, with page numbers always on the upper right side, front and rear pages (ABNT format) - Inner page margin 10mm larger than outer margin for easier binding (ABNT format) - 12 pt text size, Palatino font, 1,5 spacing - Proportional paragraph and lines sizes throughout all text elements (proportions multiples or dividers of 12pt) - Indented paragraphs (all of them) - Footnotes and block quotes a notch size down (11pt, ABNT format), with 12pt height for easier reading - Block quotes with forwarded margins (ABNT format) - Working paragraph divider - Headings with 150% line height for easier reading on long titles Headings references: #: titles, with section page breaks (reset footnotes count, no visible page number) ##: chapters ###: subchapters ####: text topics #####: "feature excerpts", like a citation, text fragment, snippet, highlighted quote, etc ######: any reference for those excerpts
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