# Yasp—Yet Another Solarized Port Based on Ethan Schoonover's [Solarized]( Optimized for *Dark* version. This Solarized variant uses accent colors in a way that works well with my writing. It does *not* use accent colors the way Schoonover uses them for Pandoc Markdown. Please check out ecuk's *Solarized XL* for that. Yasp comes in to flavors: - `YASP!` uses accent colors for inline and heading tags. - `yasp.` uses the base color for secondary content for them—which makes it slightly more… quiet? In both versions, block tags are violet to make it a little bit easier to focus on the content. ## Colors - 1: Primary Content - 2: Background - 3: Secondary Content - 4: Emphasized Content - 5: Background Highlights - 6-13: Accent Colors ## Use of Base Colors - Secondary Content: Delete / Annotation (Text) / Link (Text) - Background Higlight: All Blocks / Inline Code / Marked / Delete ## Use of Accent Colors: - Red: Headings - Orange: Marked - Yellow: Strong / Emphasis - Magenta: Comments / Annotation (Tag) - Green: Code - Cyan: Link (Tag) / Image / Video / Footnote - Blue: Quote - Violet: Block Tags / List Tags